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It's that time of year. Graduations. My youngest son Frankie is graduating from High School in I thing 16 more days. I just can't believe it. It just seems like Yesterday he was going to preschool at 3 years old. I'm sure everyone feels that way.
I'm so very proud of him! He made Salutatorian of the class of 2013. He won numerous awards and scholarships. Some were a nice surprise.

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Wow, that's great news - salutatorian - and other awards too. Hope he gets to do what he wants to. :-)

Re: Congrats bone junior

Thanks, I still can't believe it. I still can't believe he's not going to live here. He's going to dorm. Scary, happy, sad. It's a very strange feeling. You know right?
Ya know he didn't talk until he was almost 4 yrs. old. He had trouble with his hearing. He taught himself how to read instead.

Re: Congrats bone junior

You must have been so worried about your youngest when he wasn't talking by 4 years, and now he's done so well, the success is even sweeter. My son didn't speak until he was 3 - 31/2, and that worried me sick, but he's absolutely fine now. He's coming home from Uni on Tuesday for the summer. I guess I wanted my son to leave, because I think it's part of growing up and reaching maturity, and going after your ambitions, but I always love him coming home. I don't know how I'll feel when my last child leaves in 3 years or so. Knowing me, I'll probably be pleased. LOL There's no doubt it is a scary, happy and sad time all at once though. hugs, bone.

Re: Congrats bone junior

He was getting therapy when he was 17 months. Then went on to SP. ed Preschool till he was going on 5. Since his speech wasn't great, he taught himself how to read at 3. By 4 reading at a 1st. grade level. So the learning was always in him.
I'm glad he'll be living at school. It will be good for him. Exactly what you said. Plus he'll only be an hour away. Now a days there's email, texting phone calls etc.all that stuff.

Re: Congrats bone junior

It's very interesting how your son learnt to read and then learnt through reading. Children are just not restricted by preconceived ideas about what they should be doing and when. I'm just so glad everything has worked out so well for you.

I facetime or Skype my son quite often, depending upon what's happening. It's been quite a lot actually, as he was so ill until Christmas, and then my husband's cancer changed everything. I'm proud my son has coped. I'm happy our family has coped with everything. Anyway, enough about me! LOL. You've had plenty of trouble too.

Will you have any children at home after Frankie leaves?

Re: Congrats bone junior

My older son will be home. He's in between jobs now.( Know anybody that wants to hire a material science engineer)?

Yes, you had an interesting year too. Glad to hear your son is feeling better. Same with your husband.
Did your son like going off to school? Mine's scared and excited at the same time. He's worried about laundry. lol. He also needs to get use to noise. I think they bunk 3 people to a room now a days. Use to be 2. Crowded.
All the stuff he needs to pack up. Summer is going to go fast. :(

Re: Congrats bone junior

It's nice that one of your sons is at home, but sort of not because of the work situation.. Do you think he will be able to get work in your area, or will he have to move further afield? Engineering seems to be regenerating in America again, if a TV show I watched is anything to go by.

My son really wanted to leave and go to Uni. He had 5 friends going there as well. The digs are different to your situation though. For first-years, the University provides 6 bedroom flats on campus. He had a room to himself. The place had a kitchen and living/dining room. It worked out well. Sharing a room with someone would be unheard of here! Next academic year, he's in a house-share with his friends from here.

It's nice to have all the ill-health behind us, for a while at least. I'm organising for my husband to go out to Australia for 3 months staying with my family and friends, starting at New Year. He should be well enough to do the long haul travel then, and the summer heat in Oz will keep his spirits up. Hope your Mum is okay?


Re: Congrats bone junior

Wow, they have it really good living there. I think the dorms at the school he's going to should have 2 people. But lately they've been putting 3 to a room.
As it turns out a few others from his class is going to the same college as him, but in different fields. It has 24,500 students enrolled.

Re: Congrats bone junior

There's a lot of competition between English universities, so accommodation being good or bad, is important, as it can affect student's choice. Hope your son gets a two share, but it's a good way to get to know people I guess. ;)

Re: Congrats bone junior

LOL Yeah, I hope so too. First years there is no cooking in the rooms. Not even sure if your allowed a toaster oven or a hot plate. Not sure about a microwave. Some of them bring it anyway. No cars either.

Re: Congrats bone junior

My son's flat had a kitchen, so cooking equipment was provided. He bought himself a George Foreman grill though and kept that in the kitchen too. I don't think they were allowed cooking appliances in their bedrooms. This was just as well, as my son put a hot pan on the kitchen's window ledge, as all the kitchen surfaces were covered (you can imagine), and burnt the ledge. We had to pay £80 to have it fixed! Is there a share kitchen at the end of the accommodation's dorm corridor, or is it all catered meals, like a boarding school?

When does Frankie start, bone?

Re: Congrats bone junior

He has to get a meal plan. From what his brother says they're so many places for him to eat. But very expensive. I think that's why no cooking in the dorm. Fire or damage. I hear there's something called the Freshman 15. Everyone gains 15lbs the first year. Everyone just goes toward anything to eat. lol We'll find out.

I'm not sure of the exact date. It's sometime at the end of August. OMG he got a list in the mail of all the things he needs to get. Some things I hadn't even thought of.

I know you are very proud of his accomplishments. I wish him the best!He has had a great Mom encouraging him.

Thank You so much. The whole family is so proud of him.

(I wish my father, MIL and his cousin Scott was still with us to enjoy this too.
He was very close to my father when he was growing up. My dad took him everywhere. He'd be so happy).

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